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Discover places other Christians go and enjoy fellowship along the way.


  • Discover places nearby

Discover Places other Christians like.

Whether you’re hungry, looking for some entertainment or just bored. Salmon Social can be your guide automatically suggesting nearby places other Christians often like to go.

  • Strangers become Friends

Strangers become friends.

Nothing has more of a profound impact on our lives than connecting with that right person at the right time in a divine way. Salmon Social always knows when other Christians are around you and not only does it suggest someone you may want to meet, it even helps with the personal introduction.

  • Spead Gods Love rebecca

Spread God’s love.

When you’re the first Christian ever to check in to a place, you receive a coveted magenta leadership faith badge . There’s no limit to how many you can receive, so get out there and start spreading the word!

You also receive faith badges based on your total number of check-ins. How many check-ins does it take to receive  gold, frankincense, myrrh, and the elusive guardian angel white faith badge? Start checking in to find out!

The more times you check in the more valuable the app becomes to other Christians and more opportunities are created for God to work through all of us.

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