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Real-time information about the people around you and finds places you may like to go based on your demographics and interests.


  • barbacoa

Everyone has an amazing story.

Imagine the incredible people you surround yourself with every day and don’t even know it. Now you can discover people and stories around you when you check in at a location.

  • rebecca

Who will you miss by not checking in?

What life-changing opportunities sit beside you? Whether you are networking or want to meet someone with similar interests, you can now view profiles of those around you and seize the moment by just being social.

  • privacy

Privacy is easy.

Salmon Social only asks for your first name and basic demographic information when you fill out a profile, and you only share what you want with others. There is no way to follow, message, friend, or track anyone. Once you walk out the door, you disappear.

  • now

What adventure do you seek?

New journeys begin right outside your door! Whether it’s finding a new place to go or discovering people with similar passions, Salmon Social automatically suggests places to go based on your demographics and interests.

  • rebecca-badges

Earn badges based on your activity.

When you’re the first person ever to check in to a place, you receive a magenta badge. There’s no limit to how many you can earn, so get out there and find those lonely spots!

You also receive badges based on your total number of check-ins. How many check-ins does it take to earn bronze, silver, gold, and the elusively prestigious black badge? Start checking in to find out!

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